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Vertical blinds

Vertical textile, plastic and heat and sun resistant blinds are a practical and cost-effective alternative to curtains.

About vertical blinds

The vertical textile, plastic blinds and blinds protecting against sun and heat are practical and economic alternative for curtains. They may be fastened in the service spaces, offices and for decoration of dwelling spaces. It is an interesting solution to create a unique interior in the room. The fabrics of high quality are used to make these blinds: Jacquard, printed, made with imprinted drawing, and tulle. Besides, the impregnated fabrics are also suggested: hard, washable, which do not collect dust. Various colors and their shades of fabrics allow the blinds made by Domus Lumina creating easily the coziness, comfort and harmony in the desired room. Domus Lumina may hang the strips of various heights and colors on the same blinds and thus make your interior more vivid in such a way. Domus Lumina makes vertical plastic strips of blinds, which are durable: they do not get deformed in case of high temperature, are not afraid of moisture, do not attract dust, do not accumulate smells, and thus they are perfectly suitable for kitchens, pools and bathrooms, because it is easy to clean them with a rag. In order to reduce the conditioning expenses of premises and protect them against the sun heat, he company suggests blinds from sun and heat. They provide such an advantage that it is possible to enjoy the view without leaving the premise. The control of blinds is quite simple: the string or remote control make the strips get to one side and from the middle to the sides. The rotation angle of the strips is 360 degrees, and it is regulated by the chain. They may be installed to the ceiling, wall, in the niche of window or doors. The maintenance of vertical textile blinds is easy - they may be washed manually and in washing machine. The functionality and convenience (as they fit the triangular windows, as well) of the vertical blinds make them an economic solution for your interior.