Certified curtains made from non-flammable materials

Technical data


Fabric, cornices, rails, rings, hooks

Fastening modes

The curtains are hung on the cornices


  • Manual
  • Electric

The distinctiveness of certified curtains made from non-flammable materials:

  • Certified non-flammable materials, which are meant for objects of public service (hotels, cafes, restaurants, theatres, medicine institutions, ships, schools, laboratories and objects of other purpose);
  • “Trevira® CS” fabrics distinguish themselves with high resistance to fire and stability, they can be quickly and easily cleaned and the drying time is very short;
  • The curtains made from “Trevira® CS” fabrics can be washed in a temperature of up to 60 °C, cleaned using disinfectants with chlorine or dry-cleaned;
  • An exceptionally broad assortment of fabrics;
  • The dimensions of curtains depend upon the wishes of the customer;
  • You can choose from several ways to control the curtain: manual or electric.
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