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Cornice system GLYDEA

Technical data


Aluminum rail, engine covers, hooks, power cable.

Rail lengthThe possible length up to 15 meters.
Fixation Options
  • On the wall;
  • To the ceiling.


  • Remote control;
  • Key;
  • Connection to the smart home system (online).
Motor connection method
The motor can be mounted on the right or on the left side of the eaves, and with the extra space, and even above the eaves.

Particularities of intermediate curtains:

  • Especially quiet motor operation;
  • Glydea® cornices automatic system is suitable for all types of curtains, drapes;
  • Patented flexible panels system, reduces tissue friction with each other;
  • Patented engine, which has a unique wire covering box;
  • If the curtain is not controlled by remote control, the current is switched off, which prevents tissue damage;
  • Up to 15 meters of rails, which are suitable for large windows covered.