Facade venetian blinds

Technical data


Manual operation – handle, guides with holders, box. The automatic gear of the blinds is compactly installed into the box

Width of stripes

60, 69, 80, 94 mm.

Operating mechanisms

It is possible to lift, lower and rotate the stripes automatically (electric motor and key switch, timer, climate sensors) or manually (handle)




24 months

Particularities of facade venetian blinds:

  • It is the most effective mode to get protected from sun, they detain 80% of sun energy that gets through the window;
  • As the blinds are installed outside, more space is left inside of the building;
  • May be operated manually or automatically;
  • The luminous flux may be regulated easily;
  • A very wide range of colors will allow you creating exceptional exterior;
  • Meant for protection from sun, rain, wind, noise, stones and bottles thrown to the window.

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