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Garage doors and automation

DOMUS LUMINA offers a wide selection of model segments. The products are EC certified and meet the quality requirements, whereas the superior production technologies ensure the shortest (max. 1-2 weeks) production period!.


Your home gates and doors are like the face of your house. These home elements are important not only for their characteristics providing your home with security, comfort, but are also an important exterior solution. Any obstacles are solved with modern technologies in order to feel safe, comfortable and, most importantly, to decorate the exterior of the house.
We offer you the doors of one of the most advantageous producers in the Baltic States - UAB "Ryterna" - that produces both standard and customised products according to the individual technical situation and desired design. The panels of the most popular garage gates TL & R40 are offered in as much as 10 models that can be customised by choosing colours, decorative elements, windows or panoramic segments, handles, wood finish or even flaps for your pets! Upon your wish, the garage doors are fitted with a passage.

Doors are controlled manually and automatically. Garage and yard doors are fitted with top quality SOMFY AUTOMATICS.