Pleated blinds

In order to fashionably decorate windows or solve decoration issues for exclusive designs (such as triangle and oval windows), pleated blinds are the best option.

About pleated blinds

If you are puzzled, how to decorate the windows of exceptional design (for example, semi-round, in the form of trapeze or triangle) using the blinds, choose the pleated blinds without any doubt. They also suit perfectly for glass roofs, screened glass windows, and gable windows in the form of arc. This nice and interesting element of décor suits perfectly for decoration of winter gardens and living rooms. The pleated blinds may create the home coziness in any room and supplement effectively even the most peculiar interior. The pleated blinds are made from the materials and components of high quality, which satisfy all the local and European standards. The wide choice of colors and factures of wash fabrics is available. The fabrics used to make the pleated blinds are impregnated several times, therefore they maintain stable form and do not accumulate dust for a long term. The pleated blinds are distinguished by excellent fire-safety characteristics: they are not easily flammable and electrified. They may be controlled automatically or manually depending on the model.  



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