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PR 1710



Pleated material with metallized lining or without it, lower and upper profiles, operating device


  • By string

Operating principle

The blinds are lifted/lowered and fixed at the desired height

Profile colors
White, silver

Width of pleat

2,0 cm




24 months

Pleated blinds care instructions

PARTICULARITIES of pleated blinds:

  • it fits wide (up to 220 cm) and high (up to 260 cm) windows;
  • very convenient and easy control with 2 strings which are on the sides of blinds, one string is for raising blinds and another string is for controlling the position of the blinds (raising/lowering); 
  • the strings are fixed with a reducer; 
  • you can choose from white or silver profiles and holders for ceiling or wall; 
  • extruded, elegant profiles up to 16 mm high; 
  • safe for children: a weight of the string falls off because of the higher weight; "Child safety" string retainer is also included; 
  • standard production term; 
  • BENTHIN German quality guarantee for a prestigious, exclusive product which will become your home decoration!