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Protective films for glass

Domus Lumina offers protective film from strikes, external and internal film from the sun, thermal insulation energy-saving films and decorative films for exclusivity.

About protective films for glass

It is known that window is the most vulnerable part of the house. Whatever glass package is used, it may not resist to burglar's strokes, exploded bomb, or force of catchy wind. The protective film is a receipt how to avoid unpleasant surprises. The film from stroke protects the glass against crumbling when broken, as the fragments of broken glass are dangerous for human health and life. Besides, Domus Lumina offers inside and outside films from sun. They keep coolness in premise in summer and at the same time do not allow entering hazardous ultraviolet sun rays. The thermoinsulating films will suit for the ones, who save - they save even up to 30 percent of costs meant for energy consumed in winter. This is modern and practical film that reflects up to 80 percent of sun energy. Domus Lumina recommends decorative films for the ones, who search for stylish and economical solution. They cost less than traditional glass glazing method and provide uniqueness to the premise. The toned window does not reduce transparency of the glass, but helps to avoid curious looks of passers-by.