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Protective grilles

Purpose of protective grilles – to protect the premises from intruders. Key features – durability and reliability. It is important to acquire grilles not only of high quality, but also having aesthetic appearance that will match the style of the house or premises.

About protective grilles

The purpose of the grilles is to protect the premises from intruders. Their main feature is reliability and durability. These protective means are fastened to windows and doors, thus it is important to purchase not only qualitative but also esthetically looking grilles, which image is the same as the style of house or premises. Domus Lumina recommends protective stationary, rolling and folding grilles. The stationary grilles are the most suitable to cover small holes, and they are cheap. The rolling and folding grilles are practical, universal and modern choice. One of the advantages is open falling of light into the premises, thus they suit to protect the window-cases of shops, balcony and outside doors. They are characterized by the highest quality as they are made from aluminum or galvanized steel. They do not occupy much place as the grilles are rolled or folded and hidden behind the curtains. They are cleaned manually and automatically. Individual orders may be placed.