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Traditional roller blinds

Technical data



Aluminum pipe, aluminum cartridge as an additional option, metal or plastic brackets, lower profile, control mechanism (the color of the structure can be chosen) and fabric

Fastening modes

  • To the window’s frame;
  • On the wall above the window;
  • To the ceiling

Tubes’s thickness

 17, 25, 32, 38, 40, 44 and 45 mm


  • By chain (plastic or metal);
  • By spring mechanism;
  • By electric gear (by a remote control, telephone and/or by a key switch, automatic control system TOUCH&GO)

Maximum width

 According to the technical data of the selected fabric

Maximum height

 According to the technical data of the selected fabric




 24 months

Particularities of traditional roller blinds:

  • They are easily adjusted to any window;
  • May be operated by chain, spring of electric;
  • The roller blinds may be made from especially heavy fabrics;
  • The width can be up to 4,5 m;
  • The bottom edge of the fabric of the roller blind can be decorated with a wave.

New! Control Your roller blinds with one click!

We are pleased to announce our new automatic control for traditional roller blinds - TOUCH&GO.

This system stands out for its economic value, which makes it available to everyone. From now on - even more comfort for the best value!

The system has great advantages that will help with everyday tasks:

  • The system is powered by AA alkaline batteries, so there is no need to install any wiring or spend any additional money for electric installations. Batteries are fitted into a tube that is mounted in the least visible space - behind the roller blind.
  • No intricate chains and cords - the wand is especially safe and practical choice for childrens room. Control wand is positioned stationarily right next to the roller blind, up to a third of the roller blinds length. And as kids love to play with remote controls and quickly forget where they've put them - this will never happen with the wand.
  • Simple and fast control with a press of a button! There is no need to push a button continuously in order to fully open or close the roller blind - just press it once and carry on making your favourite cup of coffee!

We believe that this addition to automatic controls for roller blinds will gladen customers seeking comfort, time saving, and who value english quality for a special price.