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Roller shutters Classic

Technical data



  • Armored profile;
  • Box into which the armor rolls up; 
  • Tube in the box onto which the armor rolls; 
  • Side guides on which the armor slides; 
  • Control mechanism used to roll the armor up or down.


Used profiles


  • 39 mm, 41 mm, 55 mm, 77 mm profiles made of high quality aluminum sheets with two layers of PU/PA paint coating that exhibits high resistance to abrasion and atmospheric impact. Profile hollows are filled with polyurethane foam, which provides good heat and sound insulation. The profiles are made from environment friendly products. Foam filler is CFC-free, and the colors used in manufacture are cadmium-free.
  • 55 mm extruded (alloyed) aluminum profiles are recommended for indoor use, especially where safety and aesthetics are of particular importance. Profiles have exceptional resistance properties. Moreover, the profile surface is powder coated, which provides resistance to abrasion and atmospheric impact. These aluminum profiles are made of environment friendly products.

Size of box

137 mm, 150 mm, 165 mm, 180 mm, 205 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm, 350 mm

Width occupied by the guide

53 mm, 66 mm, 75 mm, 89 mm

Operating mechanisms

  • Manual gear – when the string is pulled by hand, the shell of the blinds is rolled up into the box.
  • Mechanic gear – when the handle is turned, the shell of the blinds is rolled up into the box or fixed at the desired height.
  • Spring mechanism is used to lift and lower the shell by hand. When the blinds are closed (the shell is lowered downwards), the shell is locked with a key. The lock is mounted in the lower profile of the shell.
  • Electric gear (motor) is used to lift the blinds automatically with the help of key or button, or remote control. It is possible to join the blinds into groups and to control several or tens of them in the centralized way at the same time.

Fastening modes

  • To the window’s frame
  • In the niche
  • On the niche
  • On the wall


2,8 – 8,73 kg/m2




For blinds 24 months


  • suitable for windows, doors, garage doors of existing houses;
  • made of environment friendly materials;
  • made of aluminum;
  • can be controlled by a cord, a knob or a motor;
  • save energy required for heating or cooling the premises;
  • wide selection of shutter colors applying standard price and manufacturing terms.