Roman blinds

Technical data


Fabric, cornices, rails, rings, hooks

Fastening modes

  • In the niche; 
  • On the wall above the window;
  • On the window frame



  • By chain;
  • By electric gear (by a remote control, telephone and/or by a key switch)

Operating principle

When the string or chain is pulled, the fabric of Roman blinds lifts upwards fold by fold. The fold’s height depends on the height of Roman blinds. the Roman blinds fold into the band of 20-30 cm width above the window. The fabric may be fixed at any height. In order to change the position of the fabric, the chain or string is pulled to the desired direction

Manufacturers DOMUS LUMINA
Guarantee 24 months

Particularities of Roman blinds:

  • Roman blinds are great alternative for those who do not want to hang curtains or blinds in their home;
  • this is a universal decor for windows, so it can be adapted to different rooms or premises of other use;
  • precisely layered to 20-30 cm pleats it does not take up much space and does not cover a window;
  • sewn from a variety of tissues - these roman blinds can be sewn from several fabrics. Fabric choice can vary from rigid roman blinds to thinner ones made of a cotton or linen;
  • extremely easy to maintain: a roman blind is easily removed and washed because it is attached to a profile with a special tape.


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