Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are designed for those who appreciate the best qualities of natural materials. They provide comfort and warmth to the interior, help to create an impression of peace and well-being.

About wooden blinds

The wooden blinds provide coziness and warmth for interior. It is the guarantee if calmness and wellness. These blinds may be used when the interior is created in the ethnical style. The wooden blinds look nice as a separate product, but also in composition with curtains. The wooden blinds are distinguished by incomparable elegance in the room and stress the sense of the owner's style and unique taste. Domus Lumina recommends wooden vertical and venetian blinds and wooden roller blinds. The wooden blinds should be selected by the ones, who appreciate the best qualities of the natural materials. The wood is famous for its insulating features, which preserve warmth in cold and coolness in heat. The wooden blinds are completely safe for human health. The strips dried in special mode do not get deformed, split, and do not attract dust. The blinds and roller blinds from wood or stamped bamboo straws are characterized by good thermal insulation. They reduce the permeability of light rays. These accessories of windows provide elegance, richness, naturalness and distinctiveness to the room. Bamboo is a very strong material and well tolerated by humidity and warmth. These roller blinds and blinds may be used in porches, summer terraces, but not under the rain. Wooden blinds and roller blinds are perfect décor for houses and summerhouses with furniture from natural wood or wicker furniture. The blinds made from natural materials are unique by their beauty practicality, convenience and functionality. They can be adjusted even to the windows of the most complex and unusual forms.


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