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Wooden blinds SUNWOOD

Technical data


Wooden slats, valance, control mechanism, string ladder, tape ladder, lower profile

Operating mechanisms

  • Cord;
  • Electric actuator

Operating principle

It is possible to regulate the declination angle of the stripes and to lift, lower of fix the blinds at any height

Fastening modes

The blinds may be installed:

  • To the window’s frame;
  • In the window’s gap;
  • Above the window’s gap

Width of stripes

 25, 35 and 50 mm

Thickness of stripes

 2,5 - 3 mm




 24 months

Particularities of wooden blinds SUNWOOD:

  • 24 colours, matching interiors of any colour;
  • charming wood finish;
  • pleasant to touch, natural surface that does not collect dust;
  • exceptional quality, complying with the highest standards of European manufacturers;
  • a long-term investment to unique product;
  • attention to safety - every blind is safe for your children;
  • the wood is produced with the environmental sustainability;
  • a large choice of accessories - you choose the way your blinds will look like by choosing the finish, weights, stripes and other accessories;
  • possible to operate manually as well as with an electric actuator.